Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Six Principles

1. Grounding
2. Intent
3. Form
4. Synchonicity
5. Closure
6. Integration

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

God, I have been so foggy the last couple of weeks, what is going on?

In the readings I did in the podcast, I was in the zone. But as soon as I step away, I keep dropping the ball in other areas of my life. I have lists. And lists. And lists. And I keep forgetting things here and there. It's maddening!

I am so nervous I'm going to forget the core of the Tarot system I love in the middle of the Tuesday book signing. Four weeks ago I would have said it wasn't possible. I am a true believer of this way, and I could recite these in my sleep. But it doesn't stop me from being nervous.

The podcast was fun and fantastic. Thanks Dax of the Tarot Guild for having us. I hope everyone listening enjoyed it as much as I did.

And don't worry, if I go astray during the Barnes & Noble signing, Nance will wrangle me in.

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  1. I understand the nervousness, which is why I thought I might have sounded like well... and idiot with my question. In fact I am going to have to go back and listen to the podcast again because I want to make sure I get the most out of the answer that was given. Anyway, I think you and Nancy are A-MAZING. I think you were and are amazing flustered from nervousness or not.

    As far as putting to many stokes in the fire, I think we are all guilty of that. PRIORITIZE and don't sign yourself up for something when your plate is already over full. Remember boundaries? They include allowing yourself to say 'no' whether that be to yourself of others. Or at the very least saying not right now. Yes, I know I am the pot and you the kettle. Perhaps there are somethings that don't require immediate attention, perhaps not. Either case remember that you are one person, who can only do one thing at a time. As Kessler has so stated, "No one can multitask, it's impossible. The brain can only do one thing at one time. Trying to juggle more than one and they all eventually drop."