Sunday, August 21, 2011

Balance - The Scales

Tarot likes to come find me even and especially if I don't go find it. Ironically, this would usually be my "busy season" where Tarot is concerned. Yet adding health issues to the scale has completely thrown off that delicate balance and as a result, many things came tumbling off.

I have a lazy way of playing Hidden Object games as a kind of calming method. Hidden Object game makers are very fond of putting Tarot cards and signs of the Zodiac (I've caught a lot of Rider Waite, but surprisingly also a lot of Ciro Marchetti - I hope they're using his stuff with permission!) especially in the very popular "thriller" or "scary" Hidden Object games (insane asylums, urban legends, abandoned haunted towns with a tragic history are very, very big). The last game I played, the Libra sign was everywhere (just goes to show even in tech land, you can't escape synchronicity).

My rising sign is Libra. You'd think that would mean I had an easier time with balance. Ha, not so much. I actually end up gravitating toward the darker side of the sign. Rigid resistance to change. The whole world getting thrown out of whack if one thing goes to pot. Supposedly, I'm air, air, air. Gemini, Libra Rising, Aquarian Moon. You'd think with all that air, I'd just naturally flow with things, like the element. You'd think.

Instead, my health went whacky, I missed 2 of my book deadlines, I've really pulled back socially, I blew my diet, and everything feels like it's gone completely out of control.

Enter Libra. Like the knock of a kindhearted Jehovah's Witness. "Mel, I know it may be against your religion right now, but have you given thought to getting your life back in order?"

Sounds simple. Pleasant even. It's really trench warfare fought against yourself. Sometimes it feels like you're gaining and losing the same trenches over and over again.

But, the signs are right. It is time for another forward offensive.

I say good luck and fair winds to the rest of you who are fighting the good fight to keep the balance. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

I think I might live! Just kidding. I've been told I'm being unusually quiet (2 months, wow!). I feel like I've lost at least a month. Seriously.

Starting at the end of May, I started having attacks of vertigo. The one in mid June took me out of commission for more than two weeks. Reasons are still being investigated, but we have found out I need bifocals (yes, at the age of 29). Hopefully, that will take care of the headaches, which have lingered, and all will be well in Mel land once more.

7-10 business days from now.

So, until then, with you in spirit if not in blog.