Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three of Swords

Before I begin, I would like to say "thank you" to everyone who came last night to the book signing. It was an incredible and overwhelming experience (the good kind of overwhelming), and I felt so blessed to see so many people there and taking an interest in the wonderful ideas I learned from Nance. It was just... so... wow.

Also, HUGE, HUGE, mad KUDOS and GRATITUDE to Janet Waller of the Har Mar Barnes & Noble. She organized the great event and had cookies and water and coffee and a gazillion chairs (and there were STILL people who had to stand - I haven't seen so many people at one signing since I saw Laurel K. Hamilton at Uncle Hugo's - seriously, seriously overwhelmed) and she was just so sweet and organized, I would totally recommend anyone who has a book to book a signing with her. It was just such a lovely experience, which had everything to do with her.

(((Clever segue... no? Okay, I'm just moving on, then.)))

Last night, during the exercise, one of the women present drew the Three of Swords. When it came my turn to sign her book, she asked me about it. I told her something Nance posted on Facebook recently - when her cat died. About how the Three of Swords was a kind of pain so deep and personal that it was hard to describe. Nance actually said it was a loss so painful that it feels like three swords literally going through your heart, but I guess something different flew to my lips in the moment.

I remember my own Three of Swords encounter. I really, sincerely, and deeply feel for the woman. Shortly after my grandfather's death, I drew the Three of Swords. And yeah, it feels just like three swords going through your heart. But I think it is also a close, personal, piece-of-myself-going-with-it kind of loss as well.

It's a powerful card. Just one I don't hope crops up too often. In anyone's life.


  1. Crap. I did my first reading following the beginning of the book...... and that was one of the four cards. Well, here's to hoping I did the reading thing wrong.... or... something. FML