Saturday, February 5, 2011

Under Attack!

Someone once told me Tarot readers are the world's biggest skeptics. Well, if I'm a good example of a Tarot reader, then I'd have to agree. What am I the most skeptical about?

People who say they are under attack. Of the psychic/metaphysical kind.

Oh, they might not say "attack." They might say something along the lines of, "I just keep picking up other people's emotions" with a shrug and a helpless smile. This would be the second thing out of their mouth. The first one would be a very self-satisfied, "I'm an empath."

Yeah, you, me, and 99.9% of humanity. Most common 6th sense ability on the planet Earth.

That said, the part that concerns me is not that people feel the need to advertise their sensitivities. It's that there seems to be some sort of badge of honor for having bad boundaries with energy. "There are psychic vampires!" "Dark spirits follow me!" "A demon has inhabited my aunt!" It's like a bad Japanese Godzilla sequel with all the helpless flailing.

If you don't want to be "under attack," then shut the door. No one should have their shingle out all the time. It's not healthy. If divine energy is not reaching you in a loving way, then start structuring some better boundaries. This is not some sort of affliction. This is a system of communication you are co-creating with the Divine. If the form of communication isn't working well, then you are perfectly within your right, and yes, even have the ability, to change it. You don't have to be a cork on the ocean. The universe will at least give you a boat.

One of the responsibilites associated with actively reading energy is to also have good boundaries. You don't wander up to people and give them unsolicited information. You don't read people who haven't asked you to. And in my experience, people with bad energy boundaries are not only constantly afflicted, they are constantly sharing unsolicited information. It's a domino effect of bad. If you have bad boundaries with the Divine, then it is hardly surprising you also have bad boundaries with people.

Loving communication with the Divine is such a wonderful thing, why would someone choose to stay in a state of such fear-based bombardment? And why, oh why, would you talk about it like it's a good thing?

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