Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Celebrate the Sunrise

Hi all!  Welcome back to the Tarot Blog Hop arranged, this time, by Chloë McCracken (  This month's topic is "Celebrate the Sunrise" and centered around Litha, the longest day of the year. 

This is also probably the shortest blog I've ever done.  I thought of doing a spread or waxing poetic about the many sunrises and sunsets I've seen, but then this has found me at least five times over the last month, and considering I'd never seen it before, I've decided the Litha message that wishes to speak through me is simply this:

Keep looking

at the bandaged place.

That's where

the Light enters you.

-- Rumi

Be grateful for your wounds, my friends.

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Until next time, be strong, and embrace the light that comes in through your cracks.