Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'm back on the hop! And just in time for an Easter-themed post.

This time the theme for the Tarot Blog Hop is Ostara: Paint a Journey with New Life.

As I am mostly a Tower girl and a Tower reader (I rarely get people who are curious about a career change or home improvement. As Kali's sometimes willing minion, I mostly read for people who are one more bit of bad news shy of coming undone). So first I had to have a little giggle over the theme.

However, undaunted by current life circumstance, the Tarot reader rides forth to meet the challenge of Paint a Journey with a New Life. This time, I have chosen to do a spread.

I'm calling this the Ostara spread and am adding it to the Little Golden Book of Spreads. For those of you new to this blog, I'm a bit of a create-your-own-spread nut. Today is no different.

Also, I'm a bit of an organic reader. I let the vision dictate the spread, then work out the message later. (I just heard the screams of a hard core traditionalist in the background. Please refer to the "Psychic Tarot" book in the upper lefthand corner and make a hasty exit at this time if you were hoping I was going to solemnly intone the Rider-Waite meanings or even read out the Tarot of Transformation meanings of any of these cards. Love you all, bow to your superior accumulated knowledge, am actually in awe of it. But we don't serve that here.)

The intent of the above spread was Painting a Journey with New Life.

Lay the above spread starting at the lower left (the cards should slightly overlap). When you've laid three cards up the left side, continue back down (cards 3 & 4 are touching each other, 5 & 6 continue down the other side to mirror cards 1 & 2 opposite). Card 7 is drawn last and placed at the top.

Cards 1 & 6 (and 2 & 5) represent needs (1 & 2) and resulting actions (5 & 6) that were attempted in the past to bring about life change that did not pan out. In the second attempt (2 & 5), you can see you were brought closer to your goal, even if the action itself did not result in the life journey you were looking for.

Cards 3 & 4 represent an open path that would get you onto the life path you wish to be on. Card 3 is the need (as Cards 1 & 2 were past needs) and Card 4 is the action (as Cards 5 & 6 were actions taken based on past needs).

Card 7 is a message from the Divine regarding your life path.

I like this spread because it honors past actions as necessary in having gotten one to this point (even though they didn't pan out at the time), as well as offers advice on which of the many paths open to you on this point you should concentrate on. We all have a multitude of spokes that keep our wheel balanced and rolling. From the big issues: Do I need to concentrate on my career? My love life? My family? My health? To the more precise issues: Should I get a hobby? If I take on another hobby, how will that affect my social life? My time with my husband? My time to make healthy food that nourishes my body rather than running through the nearest drive-thru to conserve my time and energy?

It's often difficult to decide, or sometimes even notice, in the hectic whirr of it all which spoke might have weakened and needs the most immediate attention.

In order to create new life, move forward, and strengthen your path, this spread or any healthy dose of Tarot will help you see what needs doing and envision a healthy, balanced road ahead.


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