Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thankfulness Spread

There was a rumor that this Melanie engineered spreads, but no evidence of it has been seen in quite some time. Fear not, the spreads continue, and really are catalogued in the little golden book.

I was going to do the following spread on Thanksgiving, but I was so disheartened by the materialistic display surrounding Black Friday (did anyone else notice how Thanksgiving basically got mowed over this year?) that I couldn't summon the proper frame of mind. When I engineer a spread, I do a little "gee, wouldn't it be cool if..." but I do a real spread. I don't feel it honors the vision to just lay the cards out willy-nilly in the pattern just to record it. I want to know what message it brings.

I call this the Thankfulness Spread. Mostly because I have a hard time spelling cornucopia.

(For those with a nice monitor, yes, those are glass pumpkins underneath a glass tabletop.)

If you can see, this spread begins with the Page of Coins and ends with the Four of Coins. Which is perhaps a little backward in how you'd think of the cornucopia - starting at the mouth and going to the tail - but that's how it turned out (I don't question, I just record). There are nine cards in this spread.

Card 1 (in this case the Page of Coins) represents the seeker's awareness of his or her own gifts/his or her personal, internal relationship to and treatment of those gifts.

Cards 2-8 are a listing of the many gifts and talents life has offered the seeker (and looking at my own, these may be gifts the seeker may not be aware of, may have disregarded, or may not have looked at in the light of it being a "gift").

Card 9 (in this case the Four of Coins) represents how the seeker is putting his or her gifts to work in the world.

So, save this one for next Thanksgiving or trot it out when you feel you need to get back to the intangibles. And be truly thankful.