Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dial a Goddess

I actually borrowed the title for today's blog from Miss Ember, who, if she is reading this, I really wish will hurry up and finish that story about The Liar because it's just too juicy to let sit in your desk, lady!

That said, I suppose I should begin by saying most Catholics feel they have Mary on speed dial. I have Kali. Don't underestimate the power of divine intervention from the creator/destroyer goddess. Kali sits on my Divine Committee (Divine Committee? What is that? Here, buy this book:, it'll tell you all about it) along with the Sleeping Goddess (the manifestation of my High Priestess) and a falcon-winged angelic presence who seems to have a Native American energy about him. If I'm in bad trouble, I'll ask for help from Kali and the Sleeping Goddess both. If I'm in serious danger, my angel shows up. Needless to say, I don't "see" him often.

Today, I went to a book signing. To sign books (see above link - you know you want this book). In a snowstorm. Now, going there went fine. It was the return voyage that was really a bad, bad situation.

It was white, completely white, and my wipers iced up, and I could barely figure out where the road was, much less see it. So, I remembered what Nance told me. Sometimes your guides need to be reminded that you are mortal. She also says you need to ask for what you need.

I don't often pray. If Kali needs me, I will quite literally be dragged (energetically speaking) by the back of the neck to my Tarot of Transformation for insight. I have to say honestly it is the first, and only deck I have ever owned that chose me. It was her, seeking me, white, Christian, American me. Imagine getting a sense of an impatient goddess stamping her foot and saying, "It's about time!" That's about how our first meeting went. (I should also add that I am the only one who knows this story who has ever been surprised by it. Apparently, everyone else thinks I'm just Kali's type of person.)

But, today I did pray. I threw it right out there in the Universe: "Help! Okay, I did the signing, I know you all wanted me to help promote these wonderful ideas in the world, but now you need to help me get home alive!"

I don't always expect I'll get Divine Intervention - especially since I believe if you have the ability to exert some control over your situation, why on earth would you expect Divine aid? I could have pulled off the road. I could have tried to maneuver my way to a gas station. I remember passing a hotel. These are all lovely, sane choices provided me by the Divine. Anyone ever hear that joke about the man who's caught in a flood, is clinging to the chimney of his house while the water rises and rises, and rejects a man on a floating door, a man in a boat, and a helicopter's help because "God will provide"? The man goes up to God in heaven and demands to know where He was. God rolls his eyes and says, "I sent you a door, a boat, and a helicopter. After all that, you're on your own."

Of course, by now you know I did not choose any of the saner choices provided to me. I was determined to get home. And for whatever reason, God smiled on me today, I felt the goddess energy rise around my car, the snow died down, my wipers de-iced, I didn't lose control of my car though other vehicles were spinning out and having fender-benders ahead of me, and I got my poor, icy, long-suffering Prius into my garage in Hastings without incident. This would have been a perfect opportunity for Fate to smack me with the "you're-being-an-idiot" stick by having me wind up knee deep in snow in knee-high boots and a skirt, waiting for a tow. Instead - mercy. I am so unused to mercy that you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got home safe.

I am incredibly grateful.


  1. beautiful...mercy...good thing

  2. Melanie.... I'm glad you are safe, but please don't do that again! I can't help but get a giggle out of the visualization of you with your fabulous boots and skirt hailing down a tow truck.