Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily Deviation - er - Devotional?

With the book coming out, a lot more people at work ask me questions about Tarot. I've had a couple inquiries about whether or not I will read cards for my coworkers. I've decided not. I'd liken it to going to lunch with your therapist. Some things just don't mix well.

Another question that came up today was, "Do you read the cards every day?"

That one does not have an easy answer. Do I crack out one of my decks and do the daily Tarot devotional that most readers do? I do not. I also do not write every day, which is a no-no for a writer.

But then, in my case, the "truest" question would be, "Do I read energy every day?"

Yes. I read energy every day. I do a mental check-in in a nice, quiet space with the Divine. If I feel a niggle, I will take out a deck and lay cards. If I get a peaceful, keep-on-trucking response, I let it be that. Most of the time, I get the keep-on-trucking response. So, for myself, I do not often lay cards.

Also, I have a lot of the imagery from the decks I work most closely with burned into my brain. I don't need the deck to be present to get an answer or sign from its pictures. Quite often, a picture from the Tarot of Transformation especially with pop into my head when I am pondering a difficult situation. I trust that as insight from the Divine just as I would trust it if I had pulled the card from the deck with my hands.

That said, I'd like to develop a card-a-day habit, I just haven't. I'd also like to designate a set time to write every day. I haven't.

To every thing there is a season, and hopefully this spring will be mine.

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