Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny, They Never Call the Old Testament "Bunk"

It always boggles my mind that when something in Christianity doesn't add up, it's "a matter of faith." But jump on the "gee, the Zodiac signs might be a month off" (three years after I knew about it - yeah, some revelation, thanks) bus, and suddenly Astrology is "bunk."

Now, I am a big believer in questioning the system. All systems. It's just in my nature. I'm inquisitive and a little OCD. Do I mind that MSN News ran an article poking holes in Astrology? No. But I do ask for two things when you start attacking systems. I ask that it be done respectfully. And I ask that you be informed.

If Ms. Pappas had access to, I don't know, Google, she would know that the constellation shift is not new news. She would also know that this isn't any great revelation to Astrologers. The question was never, "Are the constellations fixed?" It was, "What, if anything, should we do about it?"

I resent the implication that astrologers have been caught with their pants down. Compared to other readers, I am somewhat deficient in Astrology, but I am around enough brilliant astrologers to know that there is, and has been, an active, rich, intelligent debate going on for some time.

But did Ms. Pappas touch on this? No. She just summed it all up with one word: "bunk."

Honestly, sometimes I think the news is being written by six-year-olds.

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