Saturday, January 15, 2011


How did I end up studying intuitive Tarot instead of, say, a path with a more traditional bent? I guess I have two reasons. 1. I met Nancy first and was so impressed that I couldn't imagine another way. 2. Even though I am an avid reader (of books and cards), I prefer to glean Truth from the world. I guess I'm a product of my generation. I don't trust what I cannot see with my eyes, touch with my hands, or feel with my heart.

Strange philosophy for a Tarot reader, no? I understand and embrace the contradictions of my life. Sometimes I feel like being born a Gemini has made me of two minds about many things. I get endless enjoyment out of seeing how to blend the opposites in my head.

Of course, the next step of my training with Nance is to start committing some of the more traditional meanings, symbolism, and Astrology of Tarot to memory. Fleshing out the bones of my training, as it were. I've been afraid to start diving in because I don't want to get so fixated on what the cards are "supposed" to mean that I close myself off to my intuition. I always hope I am equal to striking a balance.

It was the other day at work (this Clark Kent works by day as a Claims Adjuster) that I finally got the sign I'd been waiting for. My coworker sent me this cartoon (which I found hilarious):

I could not help but notice how the little mouse with the lantern impersonating Diogenes resembled The Hermit (my birth card). So I went home, looked him up...

... and may I just say that, as Lynn Truss says of Aldus Manutius the Elder in Eats, Shoots & Leaves, I am "bemoaning the sad fact [I] never volunteered to have the babies of [Diogenes]..."

I mean, the man helped found the philosophical school of Cynicism. What's not to love?

Maybe this traditional study won't be so bad after all. :)

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