Monday, September 14, 2015

Proximal Karma

Those who have known me a long time, and are paying attention, have realized, over the years, that I have what I'd like to call a pretty strong proximal karma. That is to say, I rarely have to spend time or energy on hate, 1) because it's not in my nature and, 2) because when I am wronged, my proximal karma usually has a very fast turnaround. I often don't have to wait longer than an hour for karma to bite back on my behalf.

That said, the flip side of that, is that my energy appears to be rather taxing on inanimate objects that can break. It's not quite as strong as my cousin's or my aunt's, both of whom have a polarizing effect on technological and electronic things. However, since purchasing my house, I've had a Murphy's Law relationship with my home, and everything in it.

Enter proximal karma. My cousin, who lives with me, is also now having things break on her. Big things. Most recently, and often, it has been her car. Today, her car decided to "piss antifreeze," as we are calling it, in the garage. She's taking the car to be fixed, however, I could not help but shake my head. In the last few years, if my house didn't break, my body broke. If my body didn't break, my car or my computer did. This strange energy seems to be leeching out into Karen's things.

Therefore, I must put a question forth to my fellow professionals - how do I clear this energy, or at least keep it from affecting my cousin?

Suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Thank you in advance!

- Mel

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