Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gospel of the Grass

I don't post much about the BBC (Blessings and Breathing Center) in my various blogs or on Facebook because, much as we as a group are devoted to creating a welcoming spiritual environment for women to come discover & explore their sacred selves with other women, we are also devoted to keeping it a safe and sacred space. For the co-founders, this has meant we have needed to do our work perhaps a little more quietly than we hoped, given that we are based out of a rather conservative community that has, thus far, been equal parts enthusiastic and denigrating of our enterprise. We have a small, strong core group of women that we serve, and survive, for the most part, on word of mouth.

The launch of Psychic Tarot has created a unique situation for us. I have never hidden what I do, but neither have I advertised it, and I think the other co-founders can say the same. Well, as of last Friday (and the Thursday before that), I've been well and truly "out." I suppose technically I've been "out" since February 8th, when the book launched. But now I've been in the local paper as a "local author" proudly holding Psychic Tarot in a picture maybe five inches high. I've also taken out an ad in our local Coffee News as a Tarot reader.

Today, I've sent out e-notices about a study group based on the book that I will run through the Center. And now, I think we're all holding our breath. The response to Psychic Tarot on a global scale has been such that I don't think it will be possible to quietly exist much longer, as a reader or as a Center. I think we worry about losing the quiet, but are also excited to see where this leads. What is this going to mean? What will public response be? So many things to worry about, so many hopes barely formed.

But, what it finally came down to for me was that, at its core, the Center is about many of the ideas that you find within Psychic Tarot. And those ideas are just too beautiful, and precious, and important to not share. I don't proselytize. You won't find me at your door with a Tarot deck in one hand and The Watchtower in the other. I believe, and we as a Center believe, in all paths to God. We especially believe in finding and celebrating your unique Divine connection, whatever that looks like or feels like to you.

I think that's something worth celebrating and sharing.

To that end, though I have not been the teacher Nancy has been training me to be to this point, and though I will not go knocking door to door, I will open my heart and begin teaching the Gospel of the Grass (as Nance calls it) to those who are interested, and be a more open advocate of the Center. What will be will be.

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