Saturday, January 1, 2011

Point of Light

Happy New Year! I resolve every year to be more dedicated to my blogs. And to exercise more. And to be more dedicated to my blogs.

Here's to hoping one of the two takes root this year.

Also to begin the New Year, I made a new spread. Yes, of all of the Six Principles, my special gift is Form - I am very good at making new and interesting intuitive spreads. If only the Initial Image came so easily...
I used two decks. I don't often do two-deck spreads, but I have two decks that play well together (Tarot of Transformation and the New Star), and considering the complexity of the Intent, I decided I could use two decks.
This spread is based on something Hope (Janice) Gorman of the Hope Interfaith Center said to me some years back. I'll see if I can do it justice here:
Imagine you are a point of light on your path. Before you spreads any number of beams, illuminating paths you may take from this point on. Behind you spreads more beams, illuminating the paths you could have taken to get here.

The Point of Light Spread

I used the New Star deck to represent the aspects of my past that most influence(d) the point I am at now (center). I used the Tarot of Transformation to illustrate the ways ahead. The two cards outside the burst were laid for clarity.

I would call this a good, solid, get-your-life-in-perspective spread, much like a Celtic Cross. Hopefully, the New Year will bring us all new opportunities.

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