Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Golden Book of Spreads

I think most Taroists have one of these. Maybe you write down your most useful spreads, like I do. Maybe you write down thoughts and snippets of revelations about Tarot. You may be diligently drawing parallels between Tarot and the Popol Vuh and furiously sketching a deck.

My Little Gold Book holds spreads. Spreads that spontaneously "appear" when I lay the cards, a grid of timelessness that holds the vision. They are the spreads I have not seen anywhere else, did not learn anywhere else, but return to me like my purest magic. My book is not full, but it is always growing.

A short while ago, I posted my latest spread. This was my first:

When I was still using my Faerie Oracle Deck (which, by the way, I think is buried in a box somewhere and must be EXTREMELY angry with me by now!), before I knew anything more about Tarot but that it was cards, I used to use this spread. I think it's been almost ten years now since this one first formed.

On its surface, this spread is read as a path, left to right, starting at the upper left and ending at the lower right. The surprising depth to this spread comes out when you realize the events, situations, and states of being represented in this spread also relate to each other on the diagonal and on the cross. This spread crops up for either incredibly complex people, or people with lives so complex, the different aspects of which so enmeshed with each other, that it is impossible to isolate one area to work on without drastically affecting the others.

I've always enjoyed this spread, but as with most of my spreads, have rarely ever used it on purpose. It just keeps coming back, like an old comfortable friend.


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